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Brian Slaughter's Fable
    Me and louie have been jammin together since we both got guitars when we were little kids in the ninth grade. We would play stupid stuff like nirvana covers, until we learned some misfits and ramones, but mostly we would just make shit up. Louie would play lead guitar and i would play rythym, like it was always gonna be. then about a year later louie bought a bass, we borrowed my friend ricky's drumset, and we started jammin with my friend Haider. He could play punk rock love on guitar and he tried to play drums a little bit, but we got him to sing. We jammed just about all the time that summer, after goin skatin or before going to a show. When we were jammin with him, we tried all different lineups like me on guitar- louie on drums, louie on guitar-me on drums, louie on guiar-me on bass, basically, louie knew how to play all these and i just played whatever was missin. And we went through a shitload of names. The blokes, the bullocks, SOA, the sekinos, the humanoids, and i cant remember any others. We wrote some pretty gay songs with Haider, but most of the time we just played misfits covers and this one killer song louie wrote, "Back from the Dead." One time we were jammin, Haider got mad about this song louie wrote about fucking corpses, so he either quit or we kicked him out, i dont know which one, but we still hang out with him once in a while. So for a while our "band," or whatever it was, died. Then one day me and louie started talkin about jammin again, and i started thinking that my friend chris could sing alright, and we should jam with him. Me and chris became friends when we started high school, cuz we were some of the only people in our grade who skated and liked punk. Anyway, i brought chris to practice one day and he blew me and louie away. He could sing! One day me and chris were sittin around in our physics class trying to think of a name. I was like, "there arent enough bands with just letters for names", so we started saying random letters. I said "OC" and chris said "F." We had a name. Then louie said he could get his friend matt to come jam with us some time. Since the only thing we needed was a bass, i picked that up. I borrowed my friends bass and amp, and we started writing a few songs, such as fucking a corpse and slasher, then about two months later we played at Mary's house for a backyard party. We messed up and forgot our songs, but everyone digged us anyway, so we decided we should stick with it.

~Brian Slaughter